To promote the technical advancement of the science, art, process, work, occupation, practice and standard of Welding in all its branches and uses and of all allied ancillary or complementary sciences, arts, processes and occupations and the attainment of knowledge to conduct researches and experiments therein respectively.

To disseminate, extent, impart and promote knowledge of all systems of welding and their respective application to industrial purposes and to promote proficiency therein and to consider, originate and promote reforms and improvements in methods of Welding and the use and application of Welding into and for industrial or commercial endeavor.

Mr Perianan Radhakrishnan President
Mr Eddie Ko Beng Lee Vice President  / Chairman - International Affairs
Dr Sun Zheng Vice President
Mr Sze Thiam Siong Honorary Secretary
Mr William Chong Jun Hua Honorary Treasurer
Mr Goh Lak Hee Assistant Treasurer 
Dr Zhou Wei Chairman - Standardization  & Consultancy
Mr Kelvin Lee Chee Fatt Chairman - Publication                       
Mr Juerg Schweizer Chairman - Technical Talk    
Mr Lim Zhi Yang Assistant Chairman - Technical Talk
Mr Chow Ngai Mun Chairman - Education & Training
Mr Roger Hu Assistant Chairman - Education & Training 
Mr Foo Hoe Ming Chairman - Common Welder Qualification scheme (CWQS)
Mr Yusoof Aynuddin Chairman - Membership          
Mr Khoo Kok Leong Assistant Chairman - Membership